stoya fleshlight 600px

Stoya Fleshlight has been released together with superb insert – Destroya Fleshlight Sleeve. The Destroya texture is one of the newest inserts released and it has a fantastic name. This new signature texture is as exclusive and fantastic as same Stoya doll. The Destroya Fleshlight Sleeve is a new multi-textured sleeve unique to Stoya Fleshlight. ILF had never offered before such a subtle and intense relation of distinct texture nuances. Stoya Fleshlight sleeve starts off with a section of small bumps followed by a section of fangs. Than it has got three small rings of bumps that will grip your soldier, together with piercing pleasure dome that will provide you a fantastic 360 degrees of unforgettable bliss. The following chamber goes with a row of fangs that will push you to the limit. At the end you’ll meet next row of very big bumps that lead to a finalizing super ribbed texture that narrows to the same end of texture. Pretty fascinating, huh?. This texture became my personal favorite, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me. New Destroya Fleshlight Sleeve is the most sensational sleeve ever made by ILF, you hardly need to try it immediately, just click the banner below.

distroya stoya fleshlight